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As pet owners have started to consider their animals as part of the family, expenditure in pet supplies has shifted. People enter pet stores looking for much more than just food and grooming products: from fun sweaters, to personalized collars and bowls, to particular shampoos, specialized pet shop retailers need to increase and widen their inventory if they want to ensure satisfied and returning customers.

As the industry is flourishing, competition has also become fiercer. In order to differentiate their business and gain customer loyalty, pet stores need to offer exceptional customer service across all their hosted services – so not just retail, but also dog training or grooming services and more.

How easily can you manage an increasingly large variety of different products and services, while giving your staff the right tools to find the information they need and answer quickly to your customers’ requests?

Is your inventory disorganized? Are you missing some fast sales because of out-of-stock items? Are your discounts and offers making you lose money? Is your financial management complex and inefficient? Do you not know what exactly is going on in the different parts of your company?


The purrfect software solution for all your pet store needs

From highly intuitive POS systems to complete all-in-one retail software solutions, LS Retail can help you manage, accurately and easily, your whole pet-shop business: from head office, to store, to POS, to accounting and stock management.

With our retail management system, you can have a clear overview of your pet store’s whole operation through one single fully-integrated software solution. Plus, our system is so simple to implement and learn, and so fast to use, that both your employees and your customers will thank you.

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One system for all your operations

One system for all your operations

Manage all your different operations and services with just one retail software system. Handle your catalogue sales, online store and retail locations with the same solution, and monitor your whole operation easily and clearly from headquarters. Our system can also assist you with managing all sorts of specialised services, such as animal training courses, grooming services or pet hotel facilities.

Powerful financial management

handle your finance precisely, simply and faster. Manage your staff easily, and do away with paper receipts and manual calculations, as our system takes care of tracking your contractors’ hours and calculating their commissions. Your employees will always be sure they are paid accurately, and you will need to spend less time and money on calculating their payroll.



Customer segmentation & loyalty

Run your own loyalty program, track results, segment customers and directly market your products and services to them on an individual level. By tracking your visitor activity you can pin-point your most loyal customers, see how much they buy, how often they are visiting, and what motivates them. Then use this intelligence to guide your purchasing and marketing activities.

Offers and campaigns management

Set up campaigns and offers, such as discounts and mix & match, centrally from head office and then activate them throughout your outlets. Once an offer goes live the system will manage it completely and accurately, applying the appropriate discount at the registers only when the items qualify for it. Satisfy your customers with well-managed offers and campaigns, and rest assured that you will not lose revenue because of mistakes in assigning discounts.

Offers and campaigns management

Here’s what you need to know about tomorrow’s retail

Here’s what you need to know about tomorrow’s retail

Discover the 5 top emerging retail trends and the technologies you need to keep consumers loyal to your brand. Download our e-book to know the trends and build a successful strategy.

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What can LS Retail do for your pet store business?

i-pet stores-Reduce staff training costs
Reduce staff training costs

Save time in training your staff with our simple, intuitive graphic system.

i-pet stores-Ensure accurate accounting
Ensure accurate accounting

Increase your margins by eliminating financial contradictions and mistakes.

i-pet stores-Track your product flow
Track your product flow

By managing your inventory, shop locations and e-commerce platform on just one system you will always know where your products are in your business chain.

i-pet stores-Manage all your locations from headquarters
Manage all your locations from headquarters

Have a clear overview on your business, and act swiftly and effectively on all your locations in case of market or business changes.

i-pet stores-Empower your staff
Empower your staff

Distribute product and service information to your staff directly on their POS so that they can always offer the best customer service possible.

i-pet stores-Increase your margins
Increase your margins

Our POS can assist your staff effectively with upselling and cross-selling, suggesting them relevant products and categories.


Care-a-lot Pet Supply

One of the most important reasons for choosing LS Retail‘s solution was that it completely meets our needs.

—  Denise Clarke, Care-A-Lot Pet Supply

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Your pet store will thrive with LS Retail

Loss prevention

Pull up specific transactions from the general ledger easily and fast to prevent unwarranted returns and fraud.

Online and offline capabilities

Each register can run independently online or offline, making the system very resilient even in case of loss of network or server downtime.

Powerful inventory

The automated replenishment system ensures that your store will never lack key supplies.

Increased efficiency

Speed up operations at the register, shorten the time of warehouse-to-store shipments and reduce store administration time and costs.


You have questions, we have answers

Choosing the right POS system and business management software for your pet store can be an overwhelming experience, but we are here to help. Talk to our experts to receive valuable suggestions tailored to your specific business needs.

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