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A Point of Sale and back office solution that ticks all the boxes

The ideal retail Point of Sale solution is easy to use, customizable to your needs, and packed with the essential retail functionality– inventory management, promotions, mobility, reporting, customer accounts.

LS One offers all that, and more. It’s quick to set up, and comes with everything a retailer needs to be successful. This includes comprehensive back-office management of items, promotions, customers, reporting and much more. And if you are looking for integration to your accounting, LS One’s ERP Integration Framework option makes easy work of that connection.


Retail POS

The LS One stationary Point of Sale helps you do much more than just selling.

  • Set up promotions, discounts, customer-specific trade agreements.
  • Configure and issue loyalty cards, and decide how customers can earn and spend points.
  • Give customers an incentive to return with gift cards, food stamps and coupons.
  • Look up prices, check what stock is available and even transfer stock from one location to another directly from the POS.
  • Accept payments in multiple currencies, gift cards, loyalty points, EBT/WIC (food stamps) or any ETF card available on the market.
  • Would you like to limit some operations to managers only? You can set up and control user permissions with login rights or token cards.
  • The POS already looks great – but if you think it could look even better, you can change the layout and colors to suit your business requirements. You can also pick your favorite hardware: the POS system is fully platform independent and supports any number of POS devices to connect at the same time.

Mobile POS

Serve customers where they are on the shop floor, bust the queues and make service agile with a mobile POS. The LS One POS mobile app can run on any Android mobile device.

Take your business outside the four walls of your store: with the mobile POS you can offer top service in your outdoor lot, at the curb, in a pop-up store location, at a trade show, at a local fair, on a ferryboat, or anywhere else you want.

Just open the app, and serve customers all the way from “Can I help you?” to “See you again soon”:

  • Scan an item’s barcode to add it to the sales basket. You can do the same searching an item by code, text or image.
  • Do your customers need more time to look around? Suspend the transaction, and recall it later at any POS.
  • If the customers deserve a special price, you can add a discount manually. Promotions and special deals don’t need employee intervention: they are triggered automatically when you add the products.
  • Finalize the transaction, and take payments in cash or card.
  • Print the receipts on a network or mobile printer – or be green and send it to the customer via email.

You can even accept returns at a mobile POS, so customers don’t need to waste time waiting in .


Mobile inventory

Manage inventory processes from a mobile device. The mobile inventory application is available for Android, and can run on your favorite hardware.

All the inventory tasks you’d usually manage from back office can now be performed from any handheld device. This includes:

  • Stock counting. Rapidly take stock anywhere you are in the store or warehouse. To speed up the process, you can even create stock templates based on different areas in the store (for example the dairy fridge, the canned goods shelf, etc.)
  • Receiving goods. Check into the inventory the items you receive from vendors.
  • Looking up items. Check what’s left in stock, how many items are left, and where they are.
  • Purchase orders. Create a purchase order on the mobile device for items below replenishment levels. You just need to do one purchase order – the system will automatically split it into individual orders for each vendor.
  • Stock transfers. Create a new stock transfer on your mobile device and send it to the appropriate store. Track its status, and check in items when you receive them. All on your mobile.

Back office

In the back office, you can configure all of your stores, POS terminals, customer accounts and product data centrally. Oversee your entire business, and make sure that your operations are always running smoothly.

  • Set up and configure the POS. Edit the form layouts, button menus, touch button layouts, image banks and styles to fit your business’s needs. You just need to do it once: the layout is automatically replicated to all POS terminals. You can also redesign receipt layouts to have each of your stores issue customized receipts.
  • Define user permissions. Do you need to limit specific operations to authorized personnel only? Easy. You can assign a role to each user, with defined permissions. In the system you can also audit the operations performed by any user.
  • Configure prices, discounts and promotions. Set prices with or without tax and create discounts and promotions that are valid for all or for specific customers, stores, or groups of items for a determined period. Distribute this information to all the relevant stores with the click of a button.
  • Set up a loyalty program. Configure your loyalty program, and let customers earn and use points in any way you wish.
  • Analyze your data. Gain insights into your business using Microsoft Power BI. Monitor best-selling items, customer transactions, sales per hour/staff member/customer – and more. Customize the reports or create new ones to stay on top of the data that matters to you.

With specialized functionality for your industry

LS One is designed for the needs of retail businesses, and includes specialized functionality to support the requirements of several retail segments. If you need more tools, thanks to the open source architecture of the system you can easily add them.

Apparel and fashion

Manage item variants
Add dimensions and attributes

i-industry-duty free
Duty free

Support for passport and ticket data capture


Use scales at the POS
Designed for high sales volume

Museum and entertainment

Support for ticketing


You have questions, we have answers

Choosing the right business management software for your retail stores, whether big or small, can be an overwhelming experience, but we are here to help and assist you in answering your questions. Just contact us!

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POS software for ambitious retailers

i-LS Central for retail-reports-A single version of the truth
Work without internet connectivity

Every LS One POS device has a local SQL database, so the POS can work offline. The database corrects itself once the connection is back – no work needed from you.

i-travel retail-Accept different currencies
Buy one time, or as a subscription

LS One is both available as a perpetual license (pay once, use indefinitely) and via a subscription model (pay monthly or annually, updates are included).

i-LS Central for retail-staff management-Sales commission
Connect to your ERP or accounting solution

LS One offers an out-of-the-box connector to SAP Business One, but you can easily connect LS One to your favorite ERP solution thanks to the Integration Framework.

i-pet stores-Increase your margins
For retailers of all sizes

Thanks to its high scalability, LS One users range from single-store retailers to international enterprises with over 1,000 POS devices.

i-furniture-Flexible yet automated pricing
Connect to any eCommerce platform

Connect LS One to your eCommerce platform, and offer click & collect. When your customers place an order online, the order appears in the POS ready to be dispatched.

i-LS Central for retail-staff management-Loss prevention
Add your own functionality

LS One is largely open source: customize the system to your needs by adding any plug-ins and add-ons you require.

Grand Stores

Grand Stores chose LS One retail POS

When they decided to upgrade their POS system, Grand Stores looked for a software solution that would be compatible with Oracle. LS One has helped Grand Stores simplify their daily routines and achieve better control over their whole business.

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Choosing the ideal retail Point of Sale system: what to consider?

Choosing the ideal retail Point of Sale system: what to consider?

Discover the key features you should look for in a retail POS, and make sure you select a software that will be there for you, today and tomorrow.

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