Easy to use and fast to implement POS and back-office system for restaurants and coffee chains

LS One POS software for food service businesses

Simple and intuitive,
use LS One on its own
or connect it to your ERP

LS One is the restaurant Point of Sale (POS) and business management system that fully responds to the needs of small to large restaurants, cafés, bars and other food service businesses worldwide.

LS One simplifies operations in your front of house, kitchen and back office, so you can focus on delivering a great guest experience. It’s quick to set up, fast to learn, and comes with all the key functionality you require in your activity.

For more powerful accounting functionality, connect LS One to your ERP via the free ERP integration framework. It's quick and simple no matter if you already have an ERP, or plan to add one later on.


Restaurant POS

Serve guests rapidly and precisely: the LS One stationary Point of Sale helps you achieve more, quickly.

  • Look up menus and prices, take orders and send them straight to the kitchen.
  • Take orders quicker using meals (combos of dishes, for example a burger, fries, and soda sold together for a special price).
  • Register guests into your loyalty program, and let customers earn and spend points.
  • Follow your guests: transfer orders from the bar to the table, merge orders and split bills.
  • Accept payments in multiple currencies, gift cards, loyalty points, EBT/WIC (food stamps) or any ETF card available on the market.
  • Use your favorite hardware, from traditional POS devices to tablets. LS One is fully platform independent, and supports any number of POS devices to connect at the same time.

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Get rid of paper tickets and of needless back and forth from table to kitchen. Keep your kitchen going like clockwork with screens that help clearly manage orders and production flow.

  • No more delays: the system instantly sends information from the POS to the screens.
  • Simplify the chef’s job: dishes are displayed in the order they are supposed to go out.
  • Get visual alerts when orders have been in the queue for too long.
  • Speed up the flow: kitchen staff can bump dishes to different stations or mark when they are ready.
  • Thanks to the two-way connection with the POS, front-of-house staff can always check the status of each order.
  • Add as many screens as you like: orders are automatically routed from the POS to the correct food preparation stations.

Back office

Configure and manage all of your locations, POS terminals, customer accounts, stock and recipes in a central place.

  • The POS: centrally redesign layouts, button menus, images and styles to fit your brand and workflow. The system will automatically replicate your style to all POS terminals.
  • Reduce the risk of fraud with user permissions. Reserve specific operations to authorized personnel only by setting up roles and permissions.
  • Configure prices, discounts and promotions. Set offers and promotions for all or just some of your guests, restaurant locations, or times of day.
  • Define recipes. Set what should be in each recipe and in which quantity, optimize use of ingredients and keep replenishment in sync with actual use.
  • Set up meals. Speed up service and increase sales by selling separate dishes as combos.
  • Craft an effective loyalty program. How will your customers earn and use points? You decide.
  • Use reliable insights for decision making. Use the intelligent analytics of Microsoft Power BI to track your KPIs and success. Customize the reports to keep an eye on what matters most to you.

Support all your key roles in your organization

With LS One, you give all your key people the tools to create a smooth, guest-centered dining experience.

Restaurant manager
Kitchen staff
Front of house

Manage day-to-day operations, track your success and make sure you always run a profitable business.

  • Manage inventory
  • Set and optimize recipes, and reduce waste
  • Track how busy the restaurant is, make quick adjustments and deliver great service
  • Set up meal combos, offers and promotions
  • Create end-of-day and end-of-shift reports
  • Track efficiency in the kitchen and front of house
  • Keep track of your key metrics using BI reports

Support your chefs with technology that streamlines their work and keeps them in sync with the front of house.

  • See detailed orders on screen displays, or at the printing station
  • Easily see modifiers and special requests
  • Sort and produce orders per course
  • Bump menu items to other stations
  • Send automated alerts to POS when orders are ready
  • Produce consistent dishes using recipes
  • Minimize waste in the kitchen with recipe management

Gain the time to greet guests with a smile by using technology that speeds up order-taking and daily routine work.

  • Take orders and payments at the table
  • Transfer orders from bar to table, and split or merge tables
  • No more running around: send orders straight from POS to kitchen printers or screens (KDS)
  • Modify dishes with just a few clicks
  • Split bills and accept many forms of payment
  • Track the status of orders in the kitchen, foresee delays and manage guest expectations
  • Get upsizing and cross-selling suggestions at the POS
  • Quickly log into the POS using a button/dallas key

Give guests many reasons to return: offer them the convenience they expect and rewards them for doing business with you.

  • Get personalized offers and promotions on premise and takeaway
  • Buy and use gift cards
  • Register in a loyalty program and collect and use points
  • Order on tablets or ordering kiosks
  • Pay as you prefer
  • Order online, and if you are a returning guest, repeat previous orders or use personalized ordering suggestions [requires integration with online ordering systems]

Restaurant POS software
that helps you succeed

Work without internet connection

The LS One POS work online and offline. Each device has a local SQL database that corrects itself automatically once the internet is back.

Buy once, or get a subscription

LS One is both available as a perpetual license (pay once, use indefinitely) and via a subscription model (pay monthly or annually, updates are included).

Connect any ERP or accounting software

LS One includes an out-of-the-box connector to SAP Business One, and can be connected to any other ERP using the Integration Framework.

For all kinds of F&B

LS One suits the needs of restaurants with table service, chains of busy cafés, lively bars and lounges as well as multi-concepts that unite retail and F&B.

For businesses of any size

LS One is so scalable that it fits companies ranging from single-location restaurants to international café chains with hundreds of POS devices.

Add more functionality

Add all the plug-ins and add-ons you need to succeed. LS One is largely open source, and can easily be customized.


You have questions, we have answers

Choosing the right business management software for your restaurant or food service business - be it small or large - can be an overwhelming experience, but we are here to help and assist you in answering your questions. Just contact us!

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Discover the restaurant trends you should watch for now and in the future

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Roadhouse quick service restaurant chose LS One

With LS One on its side, Roadhouse has grown into the business it wanted to be, improving its bottom line by cutting costs and increasing sales. Everything is just easier, simpler and faster with LS One!

—  — Sigurdur Karl Gudgeirsson, owner at Roadhouse

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