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A multi-channel solution for the forward-thinking furniture retailer

World furniture sales have been growing steadily for the past 10 years. Although the demand is high, shifting consumer buying preferences and changing tastes mean that furniture retailers are faced with huge opportunities for growth but also with great new challenges.

Today’s furniture customers are young, tech-savvy and live in increasingly small living spaces. They use both traditional and new shopping venues –from the brick-and-mortar store to e-commerce websites and mobiles – and look for highly customizable furniture, which will meet their need for differentiation and functionality.

As the demand for custom builds and special orders for non-stock items increases, the management of inventory and sales has become increasingly burdensome for furniture retailers. Furniture businesses are also quickly realizing that they need to offer a multichannel shopping experience if they want to reach the new generations of consumers, create brand awareness and stay competitive in the global arena.


Solutions delivered from warehouse to showroom

LS Retail’s fully integrated software solutions can help your furniture business overcome today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. Our solutions will help you increase your margins by streamlining your operations, from warehouse to Point of Sale terminals. Attract new generations of customers and transform them into loyal ambassadors of your brand using our omni-channel and mobile solutions.

Let us help you make complex demands easy with our powerful tools.

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Inventory control

Inventory control

With LS Retail software solutions you can easily and quickly manage current inventory and out-of-stock merchandise, as well as calculate the optimum stock replenishment. Sales, orders and other operations are synced and updated in real time giving you an accurate overview of everything that is happening in your furniture business. You will also no longer have to struggle with unreliable data due to manual entries; with our system you can minimize human errors.

Made-to-order items

Manage the complexities of special ordering for customized and non-stock furniture items through an easy-to-use and quick-to-learn POS interface. Fulfill your customers’ need for personalization by letting them choose specifics in their furniture – from colors, to materials, to the styles and combinations that suit them best. Our powerful software will handle the ordering, making it easy for you to provide your customers with an exceptional and highly personalized shopping experience.

Made-to-order items

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Omni-channel experience

The present and future furniture consumers are increasingly tech-savvy: they are online, and they demand that their shopping experience be multichannel as well. Our furniture retail software solutions will help you stay competitive and gain new generations of customers thanks to their powerful suite of mobile features. Our Mobile POS solution empowers both your staff and your customers, allowing them to interact in dynamic and user-friendly environments. Other features include loyalty portals as well the possibility for your clients to “click & collect”.

Customer buying tracking made easy

Your customers’ information and purchase history are just a click away. You can easily identify different customer profiles that can then be used to create tailored offers and promotions. Customer loyalty can also be tracked and linked to customized rewards that incorporate social information, shopping behavior and more.


Quit wasting time and losing business due to the wrong technology

Quit wasting time and losing business due to the wrong technology

Learn more about unified commerce, the software solution that can solve all your issues of visibility, data consistency and personalization.

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What can LS Retail do for your furniture business?

i-furniture-Panoramic view of your business
Panoramic view of your business

Enjoy a 360 degrees overview of your company from head- to back-office, to POS & e-commerce, all through a single, fully integrated platform.

i-furniture-Flexible yet automated pricing
Flexible yet automated pricing

Your furniture items can have multiple prices that are valid on different dates or periods. Same can apply for specific stores, customers or both.

i-furniture-Manage your inventory
Manage your inventory

Oversee your stock levels at a glance, and optimize your inventory decisions with our easy-to-use software solutions.

i-grocery-Improve productivity
Increase productivity

Your staff can finally focus on performing their key responsibilities without having to worry about validating data, compiling information or consolidating reports.

i-furniture-Eliminate inconsistencies
Eliminate inconsistencies

Our fully integrated solution removes the danger of inconsistencies deriving from the use of multiple software systems across your business.

i-furniture-Offer a multichannel shopping experience
Offer a multichannel shopping experience

Entice new generations of customers building a competitive omni-channel experience through e-commerce and a loyalty app.


IKEA Saudi Arabia

Thanks to LS Retail solutions, IKEA Saudi Arabia can handle the challenge of managing the massive scale of its business and the increasing volume of sales.

—  Nasir Mohiuddin, IKEA Saudi Arabia

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Your furniture store will thrive with LS Retail

Increased warehouse efficiency

Reduce the time and costs that you dedicate to managing your inventory.

Accurate financial data

Increase your margins by eliminating financial inconsistencies through the use of a single platform.

Real-time data lookup

Look up data for critical transactions in real time, and manage optimally loyalty discounts, gift cards, returns and refunds.

Combine online & offline shopping

Master the omni-channel fashion retailing environment and offer your customers an amazing online and offline shopping experience.


You have questions, we have answers

Choosing the right POS system and business management software for your furniture store can be an overwhelming experience, but we are here to help. Talk to our experts to receive valuable suggestions tailored to your specific business needs.

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